Room 3 Super Kids

At the start of the term we wrote about our super talents and abilities. We thought about what our 'Super Habit of Mind' is that helps us to achieve our super powers. Here is some of what we wrote:

I am Super Quinn of the South Island of New Zealand. I am son to Karina and Andrew and brother to Nic, Hamish and Claudia. I am the super guardian of Comet and Puss the cats, Emey, Sue and Meg the dogs and Richie and McCaw the guinea pigs.

My super power is fixing things and making sure it is working properly.

My Habit of Mind super power is ‘Make it Right’ because I always try my hardest to get things working again.

My special devices are the ‘Super Power Hammer’ and ‘The Box Of All Tools’.

My catchphrase is ‘I Can Fix It!’

One day I will fix all the problems in the world.

By Quinn

I am Super Lily-Ana of Pleasant Point. I am daughter of Graham and Julie and sister to
Breagh-Rose and Marie-Eve Donaldson.

My super power is ballet dancing and doing pirouettes .

My Habit of Mind super power is ‘Persist’ because I
keep trying until I get it right.

My special device is my beautiful pair of ballet shoes.

My catchphrase is ‘Make it right!’

One day I will dance with the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

By Lily-Ana

I am Super Isaac of Sutherlands, South Canterbury.
I am son of Karen and Norm and brother of Alice, George and Therese. I am pet friend to
Floyd the cat.

My super power is soccer and scoring goals.

My Habit of Mind super power is ‘Work With Others’ because I am good at helping people in
soccer so that my team can score goals.

My special devices are my ‘Super Boots of Speed’ and my ‘Super Ball’

My catchphrase is ‘Let’s Score!’

One day I will win the FIFA world cup.
By Isaac

I am Super Bella of Pleasant Point. I am daughter to Sally and Simon and sister to Oliver.
My Super power is singing and making sure I am singing the right words
My Habit of Mind super power is ‘Be Clear’ because I make sure I am singing the words correctly.
My special device is the Microphone of Magic.
My catchphrase is ‘Let’s Go Save The Show!’
One day I will win X Factor!
By Bella

We also had fun creating super hero characters of ourselves:




Our Maths Strand focus this term has been measurement. We have had lots of fun estimating and measuring volume, mass, temperature and length. We measured different parts of our bodies and then compared our data to work out the 'Biggest and Smallest In Room 3':

Here is some of what we found out:

The biggest head circumference was 58cm (Liam) and the smallest was 52cm (John).
Simonne has the biggest feet (22cm) and Cameron M has the smallest (18.5cm).

Harry's legs are the longest (82cm) and John's are the shortest (61cm).

Simonne also has the longest thumb (6cm) and Cameron M has the shortest (4cm)

Religious Education

This term we have learned about Jesus. We learned that grace is the life and love of the trinity working in people and the world to help create God's kingdom on Earth and that some of the ways we can say 'yes' to grace are by:



We have also been learning about Easter and Holy Week. We made palms to celebrate Palm Sunday and wrote messages on them to celebrate the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem:



Our writing focus this term has been on recounts. We have written a 'Slice of Life' recount that jumps right into a particular moment and describes what happened:


My team mate just whizzed the ball over to me. OH NO! A Grantlea Downs player is in front of me! What should I do? BANG! We go into tackle. I go left, he goes left, I go right, he goes right. I go back and right, it’s like we’re playing ‘Simonne Says’. Just as I am about to hit the ball again I go into another tackle. I see maroon beside me and I hit the ball with all my strength. It whizzes over to my team mate Eve and I ran up field. She passes the ball back to me but of course a Grantlea Downs player is right there with me. Actually 4 Grantlea Downs players! I zigzag, hit the ball, zigzag hit the ball, zigzag hit the ball until finally I am right in front of the goal! All I need to do is hit it and it is in. Yeah, score!
By Simonne

The whistle blew and all the players charged. The rain poured down and the mud flew out behind us. The ball was in my hands. I ran and dodged five players. I heard my team
shouting “Run Harry, run.” But there were six more players to dodge. ‘I can make it,’ I thought . The game had gone overtime but I didn’t want to kick out it. I wanted to win, so I ran faster, I dove though the air to try to get over the line . My body fell and my team went crazy! We had won the game!
By Harry

I’m excited and nervous. I’m sitting watching the
traffic lights waiting for them to turn green. Both my hands are holding onto straps to stop me falling down the tube. Green! I push off hard. I speed down like a bullet. I reach the hole and spin around and around like I am in a drain. It is warm, wet and
colourful too. Blue, yellow, blue, yellow, light, dark, light. I shoot up the sides as I slide around corners and hit the water.
I was glad I was down but I can`t wait until the next time.
By Cooper

Crash, Bang! The waves beat against the rocks . We were
being pulled out to sea. It was fun at first, but soon we were out
too deep and it wasn’t fun at all! Aunty Sophie yelled out, ‘Emily, are you okay?’ I clutched onto Emily tighter as a wave just about pushed us over. The sea was cold as we bashed against the rocks. I forced myself to kick and swim over to Emily. I picked her up and ran onto the sand. I dropped her and collapsed onto the beach. Ben came out of the sea and said, ‘Wasn’t that a good one!’ I sat up, opened one eye and said, ‘Good one, yeah!’ That was the scariest time of my life!
By Lily-Ana

We have also completed 'Comic Life' recounts of our trip to the Te Ngawai river as part of our river study:


Comic Life 14.JPG

Te Ngawai River Trip
Here are some photos of our whole school trip to the Te Ngawai where we learned how to cross rivers safely, looked for life in the river, cooked on hobo stoves and worked as a house team to solve problems:



Oamaru Trip

On April 10 we travelled to Oamaru for the day to experience what it would be like to go on camp. We went swimming at the aquatic centre, had lunch and played at the gardens then we went ten pin bowling. We had lots of fun! Thank you to Mr Boult, Mrs Styles and Mrs Sandilands for providing transport and sharing the day with us.

Oamaru Wiki Photos.jpg