Student Learning term 2

Korowai (Maori Cloaks)

During Term 1 and at the beginning of Term 2 we designed and made korowai. We learned that korowai had a practical purpose i.e. to keep people warm and dry, but they were also a symbol of importance or prestige. The best feathers (kiwi, kea, bellbird) and the pelt of the best dog in the village were reserved for the chief and/or other people of status or importance. The designs incorporated into the cloak often reflected an event, family connections to people, places etc. Today, the korowai are reserved for special occasions and gifted to people of importance such as Prince William:

Prince William Korowai 2.jpg

We traced around our hands onto coloured paper to create 'feathers' and then arranged them in a pattern to create the outside of our cloak. We created the inside by choosing photos and images of things that were important to us and arranged them as a collage. We used photos of family and friends, special events, pictures of our interests, hobbies, favourite music, movies and people we admire.

The purpose of this task was to reflect our own identities - what makes us special, who are our families, what is important to me? Our hands created the 'best feathers' to show that we are important.

Anzac Day

In Weeks 1 and 2 we learned about Anzac Day and the Gallipolli campaign, we looked at a soldiers diary and read about the things he saw and his opinions. We also learned about medical help on Gallipolli and designed our own medic armbands. We then asked a question about ANZAC Day and used books and the internet to answer it. Here is some of what we found out:




We also made poppies and wrote prayers to remember the people involved in the war.



May we not forget the soldiers who died in the war.

May we always remember the people who died in the war.

May we remember that it wasn't just one but millions who died for us.


In Week 5 we learned about the effects of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the apostles and disciples after Pentecost as foundation members of the church. We thought about how the Holy Spirit effects our lives as members of the church by writing a prayer to the Holy Spirit. We created Holy Spirit flames to write our prayers onto.

Holy Spirit.JPG

Come Holy Spirit into our family. Give us peace that we may love each other.
Come Holy Spirit into our lives. Give us courage to be friends to everyone.
Come Holy Spirit into our hearts. Fill us with love so we can be fair and kind.
Come Holy Spirit into our work. Give us the strength to stand up for what we believe in.
Come Holy Spirit into our world. Give us your joy that we may be positive.
By Alice

Come Holy Spirit into our family. Give us peace that we may be kind to each other.
Come Holy Spirit into our lives. Give us courage to face our fears.
Come Holy Spirit into our hearts. Fill us with love that we may listen to God's call.
Come Holy Spirit into our work. Give us the strength to do the best that we can do.
Come Holy Spirit into our world. Give us your joy that we may play with people fairly.
By Ella

Descriptive Writing

This term we have also been learning how to write descriptively using adjectives and lots of detail. We have learned about figurative language such as similies, metaphors, personification and hyperbole and how to use these to make our writing more interesting. We have written descriptions of many different things including our favourite places, our favourite food, creatures that we created and Hershey's Kisses chocolates (which we got to eat!). Here are some exerts from our writing:

Creature Descriptions

First we had to draw a picture of an imaginary creature from another planet. Then we had to write a description of it. We were learning how to correctly set out a piece of descriptive writing and to give as much detail as possible.

Yesterday I found this very strange looking thing.
A very strange thing with 4 round orange eyes, 2 on each of its two heads. A thing with light and dark green and orange heads and a doggy face in between the two. A long orange neck, connects these to a light green oval torso. There are four arms, two on each side of the torso coloured light and dark green and orange.


Monster 2.JPG

Ding!, Ding!, Ding!, Ding!, Ding! The bell kept on ringing, I yelled “Ok I'm
coming!” I opened the door and muttered, “Don't you have any patience?” Then I looked up, standing there was a green monster as green as grass with an oval head and dark green ears (like the ones Shrek has) and this is unusual, but he had the exact same thing on his head! Anyway, I said in fright,


Today a monster landed on my front lawn. He’s a funny looking, laughing monster. He’s a big fat green beast with a green flying tongue hanging out the middle of his mouth. It’s a green and light green monster. He flies around and pokes people with his pointy bottom as if it’s a needle. Claudia

Monster 3.JPG

Hershey's Kisses Descriptions

We were given a chocolate Hershey’s Kiss. We had to use our 5 senses - sight, sound, touch, smell and taste to describe it. It was our most delicious writing lesson ever! We also learned about similes, metaphors, personification and hyperbole and how they can make our writing more interesting. We had to use 3 examples of figurative language in our writing.

It is in the shape of a mountain, a mountain covered in chocolatey goodness. The white flag is staring at me, too scared to move. It rustles lightly as I open it to reveal the smooth chocolate, waiting inside for me. It smells of Easter eggs and everything sweet and nice (but mostly chocolate!). It tastes like a sweet sticky goodness, landing on my tastebuds... Lucas

I looked at where she was pointing. Their glowing golden wrappers were blinding me in their red bowl on the table. There were heaps of wrappers but only one with it’s chocolate left inside. They looked like something I wanted to eat! I said 'Yes please!' My grandma handed a golden snow man to me. I gripped
hold of it, I didn’t want to drop it in my rush to eat it. I carefully walked into the hallway then ran to my room. I ripped it open and I could see it, smooth dark chocolate. I touched it gently and felt its smoothness. I slowly took a bite and chewed. Chocolate ran across my tongue like slippery maple syrup. It smelled like all the chocolate eggs I have ever gotten for Easter. Then it was gone...

It was Valentines Day and someone had sent me a Hershey's Kiss! It sat inside my mailbox in a hypnotising golden wrapper. A little note sat beside it reading, ‘From your secret admirer!’ I grabbed it and ran inside where I carefully placed it on the table. I couldn’t believe that this little chocolate God was sitting in front of me! I quickly ripped off its’ golden shell and bit into my chocolate cupid! My mouth felt like it was melting, my taste buds exploded, inside my stomach it was raining Hershey’s Kisses. Molly

Habits Of Mind

We are learning to be successful thinkers by using the Habits of Mind. This term we have focussed on Making it Right, Stop and Think, Persist and Listen. We focus on one Habit for two weeks. We think about what it would look like if we were successfully using the Habit, what it sounds like i.e. the questions we might ask ourselves or others, what we might think, what we might say and what it feels like, when we are successful and unsuccessful, while using the Habit. Then we set ourselves a goal to help us to focus on using the Habit over the two weeks. We write our goals out neatly and stick them to the top of our desk to help us to focus on the Habit and remind us to work towards achieving our goal. Here are some examples of the goals we have set ourselves during the term:

My goal is to think about what to do next after finishing my work. Lucas

I need to stop and think about what the question is asking me. Archie

My goal is to try to not make many spelling mistakes in my writing. (Persist) Lucy

My goal is to keep all my letters the same height and size. (Make It Right) Rian


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